Terms and coditions

Terms and coditions

Dinobaba.com, the leading online marketplace welcomes you. By using this website, you accept the terms and also agree to fully comply with the terms and conditions. If you do not agree with it or do not want to comply with it, please do not register on this site.
We reserve all rights to change, modify, remove or add to any part of the Terms given and described herein. All changes will be effective as soon as they are posted on the Site, and we may or may not provide advance notice thereof. You can stay aware of the changes by reviewing the Terms and Conditions regularly and accepting them as you continue to use the Site.

Terms of Use

Your Account

All users must provide personal information to create an account on our website. We may, at our sole discretion, cancel or terminate your username and password without assigning any cause or reason. We are also not responsible or liable for any loss arising out of such invalidity.
The User is responsible for ensuring and maintaining the confidentiality of all personal information, including account details, passwords and other information. You should take all measures to ensure that your account information is secure and not misused. A user shall inform us immediately if he/she suspects that information related to his/her account is being compromised in any way. Users must acknowledge that any use of the Website through their account will be deemed to be made by the user himself or another person authorized by the user. The user also agrees to be fully responsible for all losses that may occur due to the use of the website through the user account.
We ask all users to provide us with accurate and complete details and update them as soon as possible. We have all rights to terminate any account or to edit or remove content at any time without giving any notice to the user. You are also requested to change your password from time to time and to take all necessary measures to ensure that your account remains secure and that the information is not stolen and/or misused.


All personal information provided by the user to dinobaba.com during the use of the website will be considered confidential.

Platform for communication

The user acknowledges and agrees that dinobaba.com is an online marketplace where he/she can buy the products listed, through the specified payment methods and at his/her own choice. We do our best to ensure that all users have 24/7 access to our website. However, due to the nature of the platform and the internet, this cannot be guaranteed. User access may also be limited or stopped from time to time for reasons such as upgrading, maintenance, repair and during the introduction of new features and services, without prior notice. We will always try to reduce such cases.

Your Conduct

Users shall never use the Site in any way that may damage the Site, or damage or disrupt it in any way. Users must acknowledge that they are responsible for all content (comments, reviews) entering the Site from their computers.

Your Submission

Each submission including comments, reviews, questions and suggestions is deemed to be our exclusive property and we cannot return it to you. Apart from the submission rights, you also grant us the right to use the name, which is sent along with the content. You acknowledge and agree that you will never use any false email address or pretend to be someone you are not and attempt to mislead us with respect to content and submission.

Claims made against objectionable content

Dinobaba.com has thousands of product listings and also has thousands of comments. We are unable to review all comments. If you find any comment to be misleading or otherwise objectionable, please inform us of this by writing an email. We will carry out all necessary checks and investigations to remove all kinds of objectionable content in the optimum time. Do not forget to mention name, contact details, address and other details related to the claim, evidence / objections and other relevant information. Please note that incomplete details will result in an invalid claim.


You acknowledge that you use and access the Site and make transactions and purchases at your own risk and also use your own prudent judgment in your endeavors.

Communicating with us

Users must provide a valid telephone number when ordering on our online marketplace. We also communicate with customers through phone calls, SMS, e-mail or through the notices that we post on our website. For purposes related to your use of the Site, you consent to receive the communications sent from us (may include transnational and promotional messages) and treat them all with the same meaning.

Changes to Conditions / Changes and Associated Promise

We have the right to make changes to our website, and its terms and conditions, guidelines and other publicly displayed content and condition, at any time we wish. Users must agree to these policies / terms when using our website. In the event that changes are required to these conditions and policies, the change will be applied (but not to the previous orders).

Events beyond the control of dinobaba.com

We are not responsible / liable for any kind of error and delay that may occur due to reasons beyond our control.


User acknowledges that we have the right to carry out our business activities in a way that we consider to be fit and through which we can achieve our goals.

Governing laws and jurisdiction

The terms and conditions here on the dinobaba.com website are interpreted and regulated according to the laws.

Terms of sale (between dinobaba.com and customers)

Read all terms and conditions before placing an order with any of the products listed on the website.

The contract

The status updates / confirmations you receive before the order is sent are to validate the order and do not imply that the order is confirmed. Your order is considered confirmed when it is sent to you. When the order consists of several packages, you may receive several dispatch confirmation messages. Although we indicate a timeline for order delivery, we do not guarantee it as order delivery. Fulfillment is also fulfilled through cooperation with the other service providers. But we are taking all possible measures to meet the timeline given by us. The contract terms are between us and the buyer. These terms may include shipping costs, delivery mode, payment terms and methods, period, date and guarantees among others.


Please read our returns policy carefully for all important and other details.

Pricing, Availability and Order Processing

All items placed in the shopping cart reflect the updated and most recent price, which is also displayed on the product detail page for a particular item. The latest price (which you may see at any given time) may not be the same as the price of the product at the time you added it to the shopping cart. The price of the item may decrease / increase between the time a user adds the product to the shopping cart online and the time he / she buys it.
Although we always try to maintain the accuracy of the information, including prices, errors may occur. In such a case, a product may not show the correct price on our website. In these cases, we have the right to cancel the order or reject it. We will contact the user with further instructions or will cancel the order and will notify the customer.
We also provide the information related to the availability of all products on the product description / information pages. But don’t guarantee broadcast timelines. We will inform customers when a product turns out to be unavailable (for whatever reason) during the processing of an order, via SMS or email.
An order cannot be processed due to known and unknown reasons. We have the right to cancel or refuse such orders at any time. The customer may also be asked for more information (including further confirmation such as addresses and telephone numbers) before the order is finally accepted by us.
We exercise effort and vigilance to ensure that credit / debit card fraud does not occur on our site. We have the right to obtain and confirm the user’s payment information and personal information before sending/delivering the product to him/her. The validation check can be run on information, identity, address / place of residence and other details. If there is no response to the inquiry, the order will be canceled for a given period. We have the right to cancel any order that we suspect any kind of suspicious activity, cannot provide advance notice and will not be responsible for any liability that arises.

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