Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

We thank you for your trust in us and assure you that your personal information is safe with us. For detailed information about your privacy, please read this privacy policy.
This privacy policy explains the complete details of the flow of your private information from collecting your data and using it (in a privileged manner) to the measures we take to safeguard your privacy. By visiting the site, you agree to the practices described in this policy.
We hereby declare that you will be asked to submit information that is only relevant to developing a supplier-client relationship. This information will be retained by us either for as long as the law requires or for the applicable reason for which it was received.
Any anonymous user can browse this site without worrying about submitting their private information. Your information is only stored with us when you provide it explicitly by registering and then logging in with your username and password. The website does not identify any random users in any way. The following are some of the ways in which your personal data is processed:

Information stored

We ask for very basic information about the users such as name, date of birth, email address, postal address, gender, mobile number, payment and bank account details. This is information needed to collect complete purchases and transactions made through our website and serve you better with personalized suggestions based on the history of your purchases.
You can see your previous order details, current order and the location of the purchased products after logging into the website. This provision is solely for the user’s convenience, but we may use this information to audit downloaded data or to investigate user demographics. We may update you regarding new or revised products or services we tend to offer via e-mail only if you agree to receive such communications. Your respective order details will be stored with us, but inaccessible by us for security reasons.
On the other hand, you are asked to provide accurate and up-to-date information to ensure perfect harmony. We ask you not to share confidential information such as passwords or bank details with any third party and that we will not be liable for any misuse unless our negligence is proven. Some other reasons why we may use your private information are as follows:

Surveys and market research: This includes statistical readings only and your details will be anonymous. You can opt out of this at any time.
Competitions: We may contact you about any ongoing competitions or advertise our offers.
Third Party: Sometimes we need to pass your information to third parties, for courier services to deliver products, collect payments and analyze data for customer service assistance. In the event of a sale of the business in the future, we may transfer our databases containing your data, but we assure you that we will not sell or disclose your information without your consent. Your data will not be exposed unless it is either deemed necessary under this privacy policy or we are bound by law. Our website may contain advertisements from other websites, but please note that we are not responsible for the privacy issues or content of these websites or third parties to whom we forward your data in accordance with our privacy policy.

Browser cookies

Cookies are text files that remember and store addresses of the website you visited, saving you the hassle of re-entering your email address every time you try to return to it. These are just browser settings and can be disabled as desired, but it will certainly limit the proper use of the website. We do not try to access private or personal information through cookies and it is only involved to provide you with a convenient environment. Furthermore, cookies are completely virus-free.


We have advanced technologies installed on the server side to ensure complete safety and security of your personal information. We ensure that there is no unauthorized or illegal access to your data and we may have a firewall installed to achieve complete protection. You may be asked to verify your identity from time to time to avoid security breaches.

Your freedoms

At any time, you are entirely responsible for requesting access to personal data processed by us. You can ask us to stop using your information for any of the above processes at any time.


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